Elida Reyna


Great songs need catchy melodies, Elida Reyna says, but meaningful lyrics are what really turn them into classics.

“My therapy is music – interpreting my feelings in a song,” she says. “I think that people take that to heart. Friends inspire me and I’ll write songs about their experiences. That personal aspect makes me even more human to people. A good hook is nice, but what you have to say is more important.”

So while Elida loves singing cumbias and getting crowds on their feet and dancing (as with hits like “Cumbia Sabrosa,” “El Tiki Tac” and “Atrévete), she also gives us ballads that make us reflect and think. Songs like “Por Dios,” “Duele” and “Luna Llena.”

She’s worked (and continues to work) with great industry talents, including producer/songwriter Gabriel Candiani and her former bass player Noel Hernández, who is now part of Frijoles Románticos.

Growing up in Mercedes, Texas, during the 1980s, she loved watching Tejano stars like Mazz and La Mafia. They proved to her that Tejano groups could put on as awesome of a live show as any rock hero.

It seems hard to believe, but Elida has been making music professionally for over a decade. In 1992, Elida left her studies at the University of Texas-Pan American to pursue music full-time. While many parents might have been mortified, Elida’s dad bought an RV for her and her band.

Another important influence was Laura Canales, who was Tejano music’s top female star when Elida was growing up. Canales showed that the music wasn’t the exclusive domain of guys.

Now, Elida hears similar compliments from young female fans. “Girls have told me that they love my music. They were inspired, the same way I was when I saw Laura Canales for the first time. It really is a great feeling to know that you can be a positive inspiration to someone.”

With two young children of her own, a supportive husband, and a rewarding career, Elida says she has the best of both worlds.

“It’s been hectic, but very rewarding. During the week I get to be a stay-at-home mom, and on the weekends I get the dream job, which is to travel and perform,” she says.

Elida Reyna’s band members are: Casey Palma, drums; Pete “Tiny” Gutiérrez, bass/harmony vocals; Robbie Esparza, congas; Leroy Esparza, guitar; Michael Molini, keyboards; Crystal Martínez, Chrissy Guerrero and Diane Herrera, backing vocals.

To Listen To Sound Samples Go To: Elida Reyna’s web page

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