Mingo Saldivar

Mingo Saldivar

A career than spans over four decades, Saldivar has grown to be one of the most dynamic and electrifying accordionist today. He is considered not only a pioneer, but a legend in Conjunto music.

At the age of 66, Saldivar was awarded our nations highest honor. In September of 2002, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded Mingo with the National Heritage Fellowship Award. An award that recognizes individuals for their lifetime achievement, artistic excellence and contributions to our nation’s traditional arts heritage.

Known to his fans as “The Dancing Cowboy”, Saldivar is now considered a National Treasure for his contributions through his music. Born in Marion, Texas a small community just Northeast of San Antonio, Saldivar was introduced to music by his father Jesus Saldivar and mother Pauline Saldivar. At the age of 11 Saldivar began learning the guitar, taught to him by his father. In time and after mastering several different instruments, Saldivar found his talent to be with the button accordion.

After spending sometime in the army as a paratrooper, Saldivar was introduced to the sound of country music and rhythm and blues, which today you can hear how he has incorporated it into his own unique style of playing. After leaving the army, Saldivar played with different conjunto bands, including Los Guadalupanos.

In 1964, Saldivar took his family to Anchorage, Alaska where he opened up a Mexican restaurant and created the only Conjunto band in the area. In 1971, Saldivar came back to his native San Antonio, where in 1975 started his own group known today as Mingo Saldivar Y Los Cuatro Espadas.

In recent years Saldivar has played at such venues as President Clinton’s First Inaugural Gala, the 1996 Olympics, Carnegie Hall, and a 5 week USIA tour of Africa and the Near Middle East. Saldivar is an Ambassador of Hispanic culture and tradition, sending his message through every note played on his accordion.


Los Texas Wranglers

Los Texas Wranglers

Sonny Trujillo (Accordion) Sonny has been in the Tejano/Conjunto music scene for over 40 years. This gentleman is truly one of Austin’s finest and most sought after, musician and a great person to be around. His talent has brought out the best in our conjunto. Sonny is known throughout the U.S. as one of the best accordionist. He is respected as a true icon to the Tejano and Conjuntos in Texas and beyond. He has recorded for many groups. Ruben Ramos has often called on Sonny for many recordings. It is my great honor to have him onboard. Just recently Sonny recorded his 1st original polka and we all voted to name it “Sonny Boy Polka”.

Tim Torres (Sax and vocals) Tim is a true class act. Tim is Austin’s favorite gem, an Austin legend, and a well-known “Big Band” leader. Tim lights up a crowd with his many styles of music. He brings to our conjunto many styles such as Swing, Danzon, Country, and those killer Boleros. It’s a great pleasure and an honor to perform with Tim. With his over 40 years experience in the music business Tim still has that Midas touch. When Tim was 18 he played with the Nash Hernandez Orchestra along side my grandfather Manuel “POPS’ Limon. Tim will always have a special place in our hearts! Thanks Mr. Tim…

Amador Salazar (Bass and vocals) Amador grew up in Edinburg, Texas. He is Austin’s best kept secret-his singing is second to none. Amador brings a classy style of singing and has great stage showmanship. His personality is the same both on and off stage. Amador has been the backbone of the conjunto and I thank him for keeping faith in our project. When Amador smiles at you when he’s singing you feel that sincere warmth, he has that charm and seductive stage presences that I’ve only seen in likes of Elvis, Julio Iglesias, Selena, and George Strait. I hope one day he gets the recognition he deserves.

Marcelo Sanchez (Guitar and vocals) Marcelo, from Alice, Texas, has a true love for music. Marcelo brings that little thing that groups go for years looking for and never find it “Class”. I wasn’t looking for a guitar player for our conjunto, but when I heard him play and sing I had to make room in our Conjunto and rewrite parts to accommodate our newest member. His true Chicano feels for la onda and his love for the old standards (Ol’School) is what put our conjunto over the top. When you hear Marcelo play his guitar you’ll feel like you are in Chicago or New Orleans. He brings that good’ol sound down to Earth. Just “puro bad” es este carnal. Thanks Marcelo for finding us.

Julian L. Fernandez (Drums) I’m a true Austinite by way of Chicago. My job is music director, arranger, composer and business manager. With all the great talent in our Conjunto I am pleased to present our music to the world. It is an honor to have these great musicians. I often get compliments on our performances and selections. I come from a musical family that extends 4 generations. I often run into folks that know my family and the groups we used to play for. I thank you for your continued support and for making Los Texas Wranglers your choice. Our goal is to keep conjunto alive and educate the younger generation on the music our forefathers brought forth to us. “Keeping it Conjunto!”

“Keeping it Conjunto!”

I formed Los Texas Wranglers in October 1999. This is a project that I’m proud of. I wanted a Conjunto that Austin could be proud of and afford to hire. With the backing of great friends, families and local businesses it has been lots of fun. We’re climbing the mountain and so far have overcome the obstacles in our path. I have great musicians and we all have our own history in la onda with some of the great and famous Tejano stars. With that much experience in our Conjunto it has made this project very interesting. We have played in Chicago (3 times within the year) and in Richland and Kennewick, Washington in June 2004. I have been working hard at making this Conjunto known. Not everyone knows us, but the ones that do, keep our Conjunto going and that keeps making us a larger fan base. Los Texas Wranglers main focus is the audience and showing the younger generation how much fun conjunto music can be. National and international businesses have taken a chance with our project and helped us spread conjunto music to their distributors and outlets. With the help Brown Distributing (Bud and Bud-Light), we have performed for grocery store grand openings, played for fiestas, distinguished celebrities and politicians. With the help Wrangler Hats we’ve played for grand openings of new western wear stores in Chicago, Washington State, Austin, Dallas, Garland, San Antonio and Del Rio. It is a great feeling when you have the confidence and trust of companies like these. Recently, Crumrine Gold and Silversmiths in Reno, Nevada have endorsed us and are now another one of our international companies that we have the honor of being onboard. Wrangler Hats provides our cowboy hats, along with other products. Also, cowboy hats to give at our events, like to the best female cumbia dancer or the highest jumping male huapango dancer. We always have fun with our audience. Los Texas Wranglers and Puro Conjunto Records released “Llegaron Los Texas Wranglers” CD it has 14 songs of which 6 are original compositions of Los Texas Wranglers. Our style and image is a clean-cut western cowboy (caballero) type. Our own release “Texas Tradition” CD which has opened our market even more, with songs like; Yellow Rose of Texas, San Antonio Rose, Tennessee Waltz, Cielito Lindo, Ranch Grande and much more traditional Texas songs and original Conjunto songs. Fans have come to appreciate the good old boy Texas sound. We have had success in our selections of music; it’s been keeping us busy. Thank you very much for taking time and giving me this opportunity to introduce Los Texas Wranglers and myself.

Thank you, and “Keep it Conjunto”

Siempre Amigos

Julian Limon Fernandez

Da Krazy Pimpz

Da Krazy Pimpz

Conjunto Music- A style of popular dance music originating along the border between Texas and Mexico, characterized by the use of accordion, drums, and 12-string bass Guitar and traditionally based on polka, waltz, and bolero rhythms.

The definition of Conjunto Music throughout the years has evolved and altered from different influences, styles, and cultures that has made it today as a very unique musical genre. The origins of Conjunto music will always be remembered by the great accordion players such as Tony De La Rosa, Steve Jordan, Ruben Naranjo, etc… but today,, the future of Conjunto has been kept alive by several great accordion players… One of them being Eddie Jimenez.

Eddie Jimenez, one of the young bloods of Conjunto Music, is widely considered a rising star among the best the industry has to offer today. Born and raised in the bordertown of Eagle Pass Texas, Eddie was influenced by the Mexican culture of Piedras Negras Coahuila and the Tejano roots of Eagle Pass. Eddie grew up in a musical environment in which his father (Hector) and brother (Jaime) were very well established Tejano Musicians which lead him to pick up the Accordion at the age of 12. One of Eddie’s childhood friends and neighbor was a later to be Conjunto Legend, Jimmy Garcia which influenced Eddie in the Conjunto Genre. With the great success that Jimmy had with his Garcia Brothers, Eddie would’ve never thought he would one day respectively take his place. After spending four years with Los Garcia Brothers (4 Vatos Locos) Eddie still confirms to everybody that he never intended to fill such big shoes from his childhood friend but to remember and keep alive what he believed in a respective fashion. Along the way of his four year run, Eddie very much gained experience and recognition from tons of fellow artists, promoters, and 5 Tejano Music Awards Nominations, winning 3 South Texas Music Awards for Conjunto of the Year in a row, and 2 Premios a la Musica Latina for Conjunto Album of The Year. He also had the privilege of attending Internationally televised shows such as Despierta America and Escandalo TV; along the way Eddie encountered a childhood dream which was to be sponsored by an up and coming Accordion brand (Dino Baffetti); after presenting his beautiful customized engraved accordions to the public, other artists followed the trend like David Lee Garza (Los Musicales), and Steve Martinez (The Hometown Boys) etc…

Now, with the fans asking for something new from the Conjunto/Tejano industry, and with many limitations to his current position, Eddie has decided to move on to a higher level of playing. He has taken the challenge of finding a style that nobody has seen before but at the same time keeping the Conjunto beat to its origins. Listening to what the fans really want is an important key to success which starts off with involving the Saxophone in the Cumbias to add the distinct flavor it projects to all the dancers. Eddie will not only play his main instrument which is Accordion but the Saxophone and also take the Lead Vocal position which has also been asked of him from the fans. After months of planning and deciding on what image would be projected, DA KRAZY PIMPZ are born.

After projecting the PACHUCO image for the past 4 years, it was decided that the band would take on a new image for the future and the pachuco represended the past which was the Zoot Suit Riots of the 20’s and 30’s; the pachuco of today is the everyday person who has made it in life and worked hard to get there who just happens to drive an SUV with 20’s and 30’s but in RIMS and is basically “PIMPIN IT” which is referred to as a “ PIMP” “ El Pachuco Nuevo”. So, the PIMP will not only represent a FUTURISTIC new and improved PACHUCO, it will represent a much needed fresh new CONJUNTO music makeover, “PIMPIN CONJUNTO”!!

Joining Eddie on Bajo Sexto and Second Vocals is Eloy Cortines, who also pertained to Los Garcia Brothers and is widely considered to be one of the top prospects of Conjunto Music. Eloy brings his Charisma and musical knowledge to the band as one of the founders and producers of this project. On the bass guitar is the newest addition to the band, Anthony De La Garza, by far the best young, up and coming conjunto bass players in the industry . Anthony comes from a family line of great well known musicians, his cousin David De La Garza pertained to the well known group “La Mafia” and his uncle Mando De La Garza was a member of the group “David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales” for several years. On the drums is Anthony’s brother Rick De La Garza who brings one of the best Conjunto drives in the industry, Rick and Anthony have been jammin together since their teenage years and together bring what we call tightness to da bone as we say it!! Da Krazy Pimpz with such short time have already had the priviledge to perform in Monterrey Nuevo Leon MX., San Luis Potosi MX., Idaho, Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Florida, and all throughout the state of Texas. Not to mention performing and being nominated in the top five for Conjunto of the Year and Promising band of the year at the Tejano Music Awards, and Conjunto of the Year for the Premios A La Musica Latina. Da Krazy Pimpz were given the chance by AMMX Records of Gary Hobbs and Gary Lee Hobbs to record and have then since reached goals plus more!! Da Krazy Pimpz is a band that will make it worthwhile to go have a good time, a showband that will make you dance, and will definitely be a band to watch and see growing, and spreading their music to places no other conjunto band has ever been!! -Da Krazy Pimpz- The Future of Conjunto Music.

Jaime y Los Chamacos

Jaime y Los Chamacos

Dynamic showmanship, talent, charisma, boyish good looks combined with a stage energy that cannot be duplicated, Jaime Y Los Chamacos are one of a the most popular conjunto bands since the 1980’s Jaime Y Los Chamacos popularity can be directly attributed to 15 years of combined talent and outstanding ability to appeal to audiences of all ages.

Promoters, Event Coordinators and Club Owners will agree to the marketability of this group. Jaime Y Los Chamacos combined youthful good looks with a pop culture attire appealing to young ticket purchasers. Blended with two decades of experience and popularity, audiences will range in age from 0-70 with the primary consumer being of Hispanic origin.

Creative choreography such as gravity defying spins while simultaneously playing the accordion and singing, as the role trademark of Jaime De Anda. Event goers and tickets holders will often remain near the front stage for an entire evening to experience the talent and magnetism of this younger performer.

The year 2000 brought Jaime Y Los Chamacos audience attendance that have varies in sizes from 1000 for an indoor booking to over 10,000 for an outdoor performance. Appearances have included T-Town 2000 in Houston with over 2,500 to Rodeo de Zua Zua in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico with an attendance of 10,000. Having appeared in various cities across the United States and Mexico, Jaime Y Los Chamacos are no longer considered a Texas only band.

Televised appearances have included over 30 appearances on Johnny Canales, local Telemundo and Univision programming, public service announcements, endorsements, and product spokesperson commercials. Other televised appearances include two performances for President Bill Clinton and one of first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton in Corpus Christi, Texas.

CD sales range in status from gold to platinum and include reaching number 14 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Charts. Awards have includes 5 Grammy nominations, TTMA Show band of the year and Male Entertainer of the year to name only a few.

Hits include: Yolanda, Como Te Llamas Paloma, Ex- Novia, Pajaro Negro, Un Punio de Tierra, Un Complejo, Llevete Tu Corazon, Amor De Todos, Amandote and Los DOS Juramos from the Live Recording.

Jaime Y Los Chamacos brings audiences to their feet, shouting and screaming for more. Do Not miss their next show!

Hometown Boys

The Hometown Boys

The Hometown Boys, from Lubbock Texas, have been around for many years. Originally known as El Grupo Internacional de Ricky y Joe Martinez consisted of the entire Martinez family. Roman Martinez, Sr., father, and Maria Dolores Martinez, mother , had been members of the Madrugadores del Valle, a very popular conjunto in tho 50’s. Five boys and one girl later, El Grupo Internacional was born that consisted of sons-Roman Jr., Ricky, Bobby, Joe, Jesse, daughter-Rosalinda, and father-Roman Sr.

The original Grupo Internacional had two styles of music, for both older and younger generations. One style was the original conjunto style with drums, bass guitar, accordion, and bajo sexto. The other style was with drums, bass guitar, keyboard, and electric guitar. Everyone who attended one of the group’s dances, got a taste of both types of music. It was like getting two groups in one.

Their first recording, “Mi Ranchito” was an 8-track tape recorded in Amarillo, Texas. This is the only recording that has both styles featured. The group played along side some great musicians. The group changed their style to conjunto only after daughter and keyboard player, Rosalinda, left the group after getting married. A little ways down the road, Bobby, the original bass player , also left the group when he moved to Dallas, Texas to begin his career in photography. This is when the actual Hometown Boys were born. The group then consisted of Ricky, bass guitar, and first voice, Jesse, drums, Joe,accordion, and second voice, Roman Sr., bajo sexto, and Roman Jr., sound engineer.

The Hometown Boys have had a very basic style of music that appeals to all generations. September, 1996, marked a first in the history of West Texas. The Hometown Boys were the first Hispanics to be inducted into the “Buddy Holly Walk of Fame” in Lubbock, Texas, alongside Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings and other Texas legends. The Grammy award winners have been known for songs like, “Mire Amigo”, which went gold in its first 4 days of release, “Dos Gatos”, “El Poder De Una Mujer”, “Hombre Innocente”, “Dos Cosas”, “Vestida De Blanco”, “El Pintor”, and many more great songs. Lets not forget to mention “Joe’s Specials”. “Joe’s Special 10” received the Best Instrumental Award at the 1997 Tejano Music Awards. The fans have been an inspiration to the group’s dedication.

Back in October, 1997 The Hometown Boys had their first loss. Roman, Jr., percussions, and sound engineer, after a lengthy illness, passed away at the age of 45. This was such a tremendous loss. Joe, accordion player, wound up having a heart attack shortly after Roman Jr.’s funeral. After a triple bypass, Joe seemed to be on the road to recovery. A couple of months later, in January, 1998, he went to see The Hometown Boys perform and was invited up on stage to play his beloved accordion. Joe was known as the “Accordion Abuser” because he put all his energy into playing the accordion that sometimes he wound up breaking the instrument from playing so hard. After being on stage for a while, Joe suffered heart complications and at the tender age of 34, passed away while he was doing what he loved to do. Joe was a remarkably talented musician. The loss was devastating. Two brothers passed away within a three month period. However, The Hometown Boys continued their quest to perform for their fans.

A few years later in August, 2002, just as The Hometown Boys were to go on stage in Lubbock, Texas, Jesse, The drummer and baby of the family, suffered an aneurysm and passed away also at the young age of 34. The family has been in mourning for many years now. In 2003, Ricky, the primary vocalist and leader of the group, suffered some ill health. Everyone was praying for his recovery. Thanks to all those prayers, Ricky bounced back, with his voice as sweet as ever.In 2005 The Hometown Boys mother and biggest fan Maria Dolores Martinez, after suffering for many years from a lengthy illness, passed away. She was our biggest supporter. Our mom always told us to follow our dreams, and that we could do what ever we put our minds to, as long as we gave it 100%, which is one of the reasons that The Hometown Boys have been around for so long, even through so many hard times.

We will not give up on our dream.The group has gone through many changes. Roman Sr., continues to be the root of the group. He has endured much and continues to carry “La Bandera” (the flag) of The Hometown Boy. The Martinez family has reunited. Bobby came back and plays the bass guitar, and brings his business background, and helps manage the group, so Ricky can concentrate on singing. Rosalinda came back as a background vocalist. Ricky is the main vocalist. Stevan Martinez, cousin, has taken the role of accordionist, Marky Lee Riojas was singing in Ricky’s; absence and has continued as second vocalist. Ruben Rodriguez, has taken on the role of drummer.

Through all the struggles that The Hometown Boys have had to endure, they continue to play for their beloved fans. The “Homies” as they are frequently referred, want to thank everyone who has supported the group for so many years. An update to the bio, July 12, 2007 marks another dark day for La Familia Martinez The Hometown Boys. Ricky Martinez lead singer and co-founder of The Hometown Boys passed away from a lengthy illness that he had been fighting for a couple of years, but through that fight he never stopped performing for the people. He Passed away doing what he loved to do, (Entertain).

Roman Martinez Sr. Continues to be the foundation of the group. Bobby plays the bass guitar and, vocals, and manages the band, and has taken over just about all the booking duties, and everything to do with the band, (to make life easier for, Roman (father).

Rosalinda background vocals. Update, Our newest members are at lead vocals Elias Aredondo, he has a great history of music behind him, being related to Los Huracanes Del Norte. On accordion we have Anthony Trevinio, who also has a great music background, he use to be the leader of the well known Grupo Invicto. On drums we have Ruben Rodriguez, who also comes from a long line of musicians.

We miss Ricky and his voice, but the band through all there adversity, is as strong as ever.We realized from the beginning of our career, that the fans are the most important part of being around for such a long time, and with that said. We would like to thank the people who have supported and continue to support The Hometown Boys, Our fans, family and friends.