Los Texas Wranglers

Los Texas Wranglers

Sonny Trujillo (Accordion) Sonny has been in the Tejano/Conjunto music scene for over 40 years. This gentleman is truly one of Austin’s finest and most sought after, musician and a great person to be around. His talent has brought out the best in our conjunto. Sonny is known throughout the U.S. as one of the best accordionist. He is respected as a true icon to the Tejano and Conjuntos in Texas and beyond. He has recorded for many groups. Ruben Ramos has often called on Sonny for many recordings. It is my great honor to have him onboard. Just recently Sonny recorded his 1st original polka and we all voted to name it “Sonny Boy Polka”.

Tim Torres (Sax and vocals) Tim is a true class act. Tim is Austin’s favorite gem, an Austin legend, and a well-known “Big Band” leader. Tim lights up a crowd with his many styles of music. He brings to our conjunto many styles such as Swing, Danzon, Country, and those killer Boleros. It’s a great pleasure and an honor to perform with Tim. With his over 40 years experience in the music business Tim still has that Midas touch. When Tim was 18 he played with the Nash Hernandez Orchestra along side my grandfather Manuel “POPS’ Limon. Tim will always have a special place in our hearts! Thanks Mr. Tim…

Amador Salazar (Bass and vocals) Amador grew up in Edinburg, Texas. He is Austin’s best kept secret-his singing is second to none. Amador brings a classy style of singing and has great stage showmanship. His personality is the same both on and off stage. Amador has been the backbone of the conjunto and I thank him for keeping faith in our project. When Amador smiles at you when he’s singing you feel that sincere warmth, he has that charm and seductive stage presences that I’ve only seen in likes of Elvis, Julio Iglesias, Selena, and George Strait. I hope one day he gets the recognition he deserves.

Marcelo Sanchez (Guitar and vocals) Marcelo, from Alice, Texas, has a true love for music. Marcelo brings that little thing that groups go for years looking for and never find it “Class”. I wasn’t looking for a guitar player for our conjunto, but when I heard him play and sing I had to make room in our Conjunto and rewrite parts to accommodate our newest member. His true Chicano feels for la onda and his love for the old standards (Ol’School) is what put our conjunto over the top. When you hear Marcelo play his guitar you’ll feel like you are in Chicago or New Orleans. He brings that good’ol sound down to Earth. Just “puro bad” es este carnal. Thanks Marcelo for finding us.

Julian L. Fernandez (Drums) I’m a true Austinite by way of Chicago. My job is music director, arranger, composer and business manager. With all the great talent in our Conjunto I am pleased to present our music to the world. It is an honor to have these great musicians. I often get compliments on our performances and selections. I come from a musical family that extends 4 generations. I often run into folks that know my family and the groups we used to play for. I thank you for your continued support and for making Los Texas Wranglers your choice. Our goal is to keep conjunto alive and educate the younger generation on the music our forefathers brought forth to us. “Keeping it Conjunto!”

“Keeping it Conjunto!”

I formed Los Texas Wranglers in October 1999. This is a project that I’m proud of. I wanted a Conjunto that Austin could be proud of and afford to hire. With the backing of great friends, families and local businesses it has been lots of fun. We’re climbing the mountain and so far have overcome the obstacles in our path. I have great musicians and we all have our own history in la onda with some of the great and famous Tejano stars. With that much experience in our Conjunto it has made this project very interesting. We have played in Chicago (3 times within the year) and in Richland and Kennewick, Washington in June 2004. I have been working hard at making this Conjunto known. Not everyone knows us, but the ones that do, keep our Conjunto going and that keeps making us a larger fan base. Los Texas Wranglers main focus is the audience and showing the younger generation how much fun conjunto music can be. National and international businesses have taken a chance with our project and helped us spread conjunto music to their distributors and outlets. With the help Brown Distributing (Bud and Bud-Light), we have performed for grocery store grand openings, played for fiestas, distinguished celebrities and politicians. With the help Wrangler Hats we’ve played for grand openings of new western wear stores in Chicago, Washington State, Austin, Dallas, Garland, San Antonio and Del Rio. It is a great feeling when you have the confidence and trust of companies like these. Recently, Crumrine Gold and Silversmiths in Reno, Nevada have endorsed us and are now another one of our international companies that we have the honor of being onboard. Wrangler Hats provides our cowboy hats, along with other products. Also, cowboy hats to give at our events, like to the best female cumbia dancer or the highest jumping male huapango dancer. We always have fun with our audience. Los Texas Wranglers and Puro Conjunto Records released “Llegaron Los Texas Wranglers” CD it has 14 songs of which 6 are original compositions of Los Texas Wranglers. Our style and image is a clean-cut western cowboy (caballero) type. Our own release “Texas Tradition” CD which has opened our market even more, with songs like; Yellow Rose of Texas, San Antonio Rose, Tennessee Waltz, Cielito Lindo, Ranch Grande and much more traditional Texas songs and original Conjunto songs. Fans have come to appreciate the good old boy Texas sound. We have had success in our selections of music; it’s been keeping us busy. Thank you very much for taking time and giving me this opportunity to introduce Los Texas Wranglers and myself.

Thank you, and “Keep it Conjunto”

Siempre Amigos

Julian Limon Fernandez




Ambixion has very diverse sound bringing, Reggae-Cumbia, Texas country, as well as R&B into the traditional Texas born conjunto sound making a new sound born in Texas called Conjunto Fusion, with their first album Ambixion Vol.I released in March,2005 Ambixion made a mark in Tejano music’s history time line with a nomination at the 2006 Tejano Music Awards for Conjunto album progressive of the year , crossover band of the year and most promising band of the year, As well as nomination at the 2007 Industry Awards. With their second release of Vol.II “Todo O Nada” Ambixion plans to widen their fanbase worldwide to send the message of Texas’ Conjunto sound to listeners everywhere.

Grupo Ambixion consist of:

Adam Ramirez (Lead Vocalist),
Andrew Rodriguez (Mgr., Accordion, Vocals),
Raymond Lopez (Bajo Sexto, 2nd Voice)
Rene Rangel (Drummer)
Richard Mestis (Bass, Bajo Electrico).

Thanksgiving weekend in 2001, Ambixion traveled to Corpus Christi and in Competition held by the Tejano Academy of Fine Arts, Grupo Ambixion brought home the 1st place trophy in the band category. Being the only group out of North Texas, it came to Grupo Ambixion as a big surprise.

Grupo Ambixion has had the honor sharing the stage with Tropa F, Pression, Joe Lopez, Michael Salgado and many other great Tejano artists and continue to strive to play with the best.

Shelly Lares

Shelly Lares

Michelle Yvette Lares, better known as Shelly Lares, had to grow up fast. She started her musical career at age 10. But that early experience has turned this San Antonio native into one of Tejano’s most professional and excellent performers.

“Touring is a part of my life, so I’m pretty used to it,” she says. “I haven’t known anything different.”So for the last two decades, she has been able to handle all the challenges of a music career, while keeping fans happy with her upbeat, feel-good Tejano music and her friendly nature.

She has been signed to Tejas Records since 2002 and recently gave her fans a treat with the CD, Encore, containing new versions of her greatest cumbias and rancheras of the past decade, such as “Ganas de Besarte,” “Soy tu Amor” and “Es Que Estoy Enamorada.”

Shelly’s trademark raspy voice makes her instantly recognizable. Not only is her voice one-of -a-kind, her music also avoids easy categorization. “We really don’t concentrate on what other bands are doing musically,” she says. “We try to keep our own fresh ideas and pay attention to what the fans write on the website and want from us. They keep us on our toes and we pay attention to their reactions at our shows.”

Shelly’s career has always been a family-oriented. Her father Fred managed her for many years and provided encouragement. He retired after a 1999 stroke, and her mother Irene stepped in to fill his shoes. Shelly gained the moniker “Little Miss Dynamite” early in her career and it stuck – she’s still petite (even more so now since losing over 42 pounds in the last 3 years) but full of energy (both on stage and off, where she hits the gym regularly).

The winner of eight Tejano Music Awards, including 2005 Female Vocalist and Female Entertainer of the Year, Shelly has worked hard to keep the rhythm of Tejano music going strong. She believes in Tejano, and is a wonderful ambassador for the music.

“I’ve seen its up and downs, but I still think there’s a lot of potential for Tejano music,” she say. “I believe so much in it, that I want to help keep it around.

Grupo Vida

Grupo Vida / The Electric Cowboys

Over the course of this extraordinary career, Vida, also known as, The Electric Cowboys, have been awarded multiple awards in some of TTMA’S major categories.

Far beyond the extraordinary levels of success that Vida has already achieved, 2001 managed to add further levels of accomplishment as the group accepted the challenge to tour the record breaking “Fly” tour with Country music’s very own, The Dixie Chicks.

In addition, to this successful tour, the group has opened up for some of Country Music’s biggest names like: JO DEE MESSINA, CLAY WALKER, NEAL McCOY and SHeDAISY.

Fans from all over the country have had the opportunity to see Vida at they’re very best, and recognized them as not just a Tejano rocker… but as a group with a passion for music. A passion strong enough to propel their career through many more years of enormous success. This unpredictable group’s foundation is built upon solid dedication, hard work, teamwork, and above all it all comes directly from the heart.

Everyone gives their 101%, and play absolutely amazing parts. These key ingredients allow them to give in return to the thousands of fans that come out and inspire each night of this musical journey. It’s appreciation, among talent that has made their rapport with the audience truly unexcelled.

These down to earth, yet undeniable superstars are:

TTMA’S 2005 “Guitar Player Of The Year” Jason Martinez, Keyboards, Javier Sauceda, Bass, Rick Vega, Drums, Tim Villanueva, Accordian, Joel Vasquez, and last, but certainly not least. The Voice behind it all:  Art Tigerina

Lead Vocalist, Art Tigerina, consistently earns critical praise as a charismatic Vocal artist with a versatile expressive ability.

A versatility that has become one of Vida’s trademarks.

With the release of “Vida Vivo” in 2004, Vida toured in Broad recognition for their unique artistry, and received a Grammy nomination for “Best Album” at the 47th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Vida’s release “Ultimo Segundo” only continued the success as hit single “Tomas Tomas” Climbed the charts.

This is truly a group that stops at nothing!

The hard work, and dedication continue…

For months of long hours the group worked very closely With Nashville producers to release their first Country album Entitled “Prisoners Of The Honky Tonk”, an album that will Feature original country tunes. An album that will become another amazing display of this career that only continues to soar, taking The Electric Cowboys to new heights of achievement and accomplishment.

Now with seven of the best selling albums in the industry, Vida is like a slow burning fuse headed for explosion, and to add fuel to the fire is none other than Vida’s proud sponsors:

The king of Beers “Budweiser”(Anheuser Busch), Gibson Guitars, Jay’s Auto Sales, Sabian Symbols, and Promark drumsticks.

Some of Vida’s many awards are as follows:






Garth Brooks Tribute

Garth Brooks Tribute

“The Garth Guy”

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Dean followed the footsteps of his father, uncle and grandfather to a life of performing country music.  At just seven years old, he was strumming his guitar with his dad and his band.  His theatrical education included acting, lighting design, sound engineering and technical direction for video and live performance.

After graduation, Dean formed a band where he played lead guitar and sang country hits of the early nineties.  The band quickly rose to popularity performing in nightclubs, fairs and festivals all over the Pacific Northwest. They also had the honor of performing for our military servicemen and women at bases here in the U.S., the Caribbean, South Pacific and the Far East.  By 1992 Garth Brooks was King and Dean found himself learning and loving Garth’s brand of music.  After receiving so much positive feedback, he set his sights on paying tribute to this modern country music giant.  By studying the songs, concert footage and music videos, not only could he perform Garth’s music, but he was also able to emulate his mannerisms, the walk, the talk, even the laugh.  In 1994, Dean began his career as a Garth Brooks tribute artist and has since become one of the most sought-after acts in the industry.  In 1996, after appearing in various other tribute shows, producer John Stuart hired him to perform in “Legends in Concert” in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, SC and countless short tours and one-night performances across the country.  In 1998, while looking to expand his act, Dean produced and directed his own 90-minute “GarthGuy LIVE!” concert based on Garth’s live show.  The reception was overwhelming and he has since performed for hundreds of very satisfied clients including corporate event sponsors, fairs, festivals, casinos, and universities from coast to coast, and abroad.

While the real Garth Brooks is enjoying his retirement with his family in Oklahoma, Dean, aka GarthGuy, now celebrates 15 years of giving audiences across the country the best representation of what they might never get to see, “Garth Brooks, Live.”