Joe Posada

Joe Posada

Joe Posada, one of Tejano music’s most celebrated saxophonists, is also recognized as a timeless vocalist and a well-versed lyricist. As an accomplished composer, Posada has managed to successfully fuse the sounds of Jazz and Tejano by creating a melodic flow found intriguing by a wide range of music lovers.

Citing John Coltrane, Michael Brecker and Grover Washington as significant influences, Posada’s ability to integrate Jazz chord progressions and scatting into the polka beat has enabled Tejano music to advance to the multi-genre blend always claimed, but rarely achieved, by Tejano’s most loyal supporters.

A six-time Tejano Award and four-timeTejano Academy Award winner, native San Antonian, Posada, was born in 1954, the same year orchestra leader, Isidro Lopez integrated accordions with his ensemble in Alice, TX, a historic event in the birth of what is now called Tejano music. Raised in the predominantly Hispanic West Side San Antonio, he began his saxophone studies at age 12.

Though his parents were not musicians, Posada’s mother was determined to encourage her son’s study of music, a clever ploy to deter a young Joe from spending time with potentially negative influences.

Once he made a name for himself by way of talent shows and neighborhood groups, Posada was able to progress and gain notoriety playing with local groups Rudy Tee and the Reno-Bops and Zapata. In 1973, during what author, Ramiro Burr calls Tejano’s Golden Age, Posada graduated to the Royal Jesters, a premier Onda Chicana act of the moment.

In addition to playing sax, Posada contributed his talents assisting with musical arrangements. This growth has Posada credited with remaining on the progressive side of Tejano, emphasizing a preference of wind instruments to accordion.

Posada came into his own as a composer on the 1993’s Breakaway, for which he composed all tracks. Widening his range for his listeners, he recorded a salsa track, a sax instrumental and the Jazz-Soul title track. It was Posada’s 1994 release, “Canción Para Mi Padre,” (Song For My Father) that found him unifying Jazz and Polka seamlessly, a creative endeavor magnifying his talents and setting him aside from the conventional cookie-cutter bands.

“Con Un Cachito,” “Ya No,” and “Caen Por Caen” are nationwide hits and the recently released “Amor Y Fuego,” collection of 12 original tracks continues to be recognized by the public as one of Posada’s more recent musical accomplishments with receiving a 2006 Latin Grammy nomination. 2005 was also an energizing year for Posada with his induction into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame and his Grammy nomination for his compilation, “Then and Now.”

Posada’s musical plate is always overflowing with delectable treats that have the public wanting more. Currently, Posada is touring and performing in an effort to promote his latest CD, “Despacito,” which has also won a 2007 Latin Grammy nomination. Just for kicks, Mr. Posada has also released, in 2007, “Jazzano” an all-Jazz CD. In addition to playing various San Antonio venues, there are the many local conventions, Jazz clubs and festivals, a wide variety of hosts welcoming of the versatility and unique Latino brew that defines Joe Posada as an unequalled musical success.

From the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and the Houston Astrodome to Rocco’s in Belaire, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, Posada’s efforts continue to quench those thirsty souls who seemingly are never quite satiated with the all too common drones escaping radio airwaves and unmatched by Posada’s passion for music. Being a seasoned musician, Posada continues as one of the more sought out modern-day músicos whose expertise illuminates even the bigger stages.


San Rafael Band

San Rafael Band

Latin / Jazz / Rock

Rafael Vasquez was born in San Antonio, Texas — the heart of the Tejano music scene. His childhood was spent in San Antonio and California. During his twenties Vasquez performed throughout the Southwest with Little Joe y la Familia, the first Tejano band to sign with a major label and the first to win a Grammy. He also played with Sunny Ozuna and the Sunliners, another major Tejano act, and with Augustin Ramírez, who was inducted into the Tejano Hall of Fame in 1997.

Since 1981 Rafael Vasquez has lived in Nashville where he performs regularly with his band, the San Rafael Band, and his trio, the San Rafael Trio. Vasquez is a talented songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist who is comfortable with a variety of instruments and styles ranging from conjunto’s bajo sexto to jazz to classical to blues and rock. He is also respected as a bandleader by the local music community. The San Rafael Band has played such local events as Cheekwood’s El Dia de los Muertos, Frist Fridays, the 2003 July 4th Celebration at Riverfront Park, Wine on the River, a Taste of Music City, and the Tennessee State Fair. The Band has opened for Michael McDonald and Kevin Eubanks at the Franklin Jazz Festival and for Los Lobos at the Uptown Mix.

In the last few years Vasquez has begun to work with students at Belmont University and in the Metro Nashville Public Schools to share his knowledge of music and Hispanic culture. At Belmont he assisted Professor David Herrera with Música Caliente, the first project of the Belmont’s student record label, Acklen Records. For his work with that project Vasquez received a plaque of appreciation from the Tennessee Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He also participated in the first Belmont Latino Street Fair held in April 2005. Recently he demonstrated guitar techniques for students at Glencliff High School.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Rafael Vasquez is a tremendous asset to the Música de la gente – Music of the People program. His professionalism, excellent musicianship, hands-on experiences with Tejano, conjunto, and norteño music, and involvement in the local Latino community make him invaluable.

Leslie Lugo

Leslie Lugo

Leslie Lugo

The dynamic, high energy and versatile Leslie Lugo Band, with its extensive repertoire of English and Spanish music bridges multiple genres to ensure the appropriate mood and atmosphere to fit any occasion. Combining Years of musical performance experience, the Leslie Lugo Band specializes in providing the best in a variety of music such as: (English Music) dance ,rock, top 40, ballads, standards, pop, disco, jazz, oldies, and (Spanish Music) salsa, cumbia, meringue ,baladas, tejano and much more for your special event. Whether your music choice is all English, all Spanish, or a combination of both, the Leslie Lugo band will cater to all your entertainment needs. The charismatic, Leslie Lugo, with her powerful captivating vocals, her unique style and beautiful stage presence, performs with the energy of a lightning bolt in total synchronization with her music. When Leslie hits the stage, her audience cannot help but feel her boundless energy and music emotion!

Born in the historic city of San Antonio and with over a decade of performance experience, Leslie Lugo represents the American/Hispanic bicultural influences where she grew up. Living close to the Mexican border, she embraced her creative and artistic musical Mexican American influences by performing in English and Spanish, engaging her audience with her powerful voice, physical presence, spectacular dance moves and charismatic personality. As a seasoned, bilingual, versatile performer, Leslie is one of a select few with the ability to perform a wide range of musical genres and can perform all English music, all Spanish Music or a mix of both languages. The Leslie Lugo Band is one of the most popular bands in South Texas with an extensive repertoire catering to a wide diverse audience and includes American standards, Top 40, ballads, rock, dance, pop, jazz, disco and Latin & tropical rhythms such as: balladas, cumbia, salsa, meringue, rancheras, Mariachi and Tejano music.

In 2006, Leslie recorded the duet “Caen Porque Caen” with Tejano Super Star Joe Posada on his Amor Y Fuego CD which became a National hit thanks to all the fans. The CD was nominated for a 2006 Latin Grammy. Joe Posada and Leslie Lugo were nominated for Best Tejano Vocal Duo performance at the 2006 Tejano Music Awards.
Leslie’s highly anticipated self-titled Tejano CD was unveiled at the 2007 National Tejano Music Convention held at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada. The CD was produced by 6 time Grammy Award winner, Gilbert Velasquez with Tejano Super Star Joe Posada acting as Executive Producer. Leslie’s hit single, “Que Vas Hacer” has heated up the Tejano radio airwaves charting top honors throughout the U.S. and Mexico positioning it as one of the top Tejano songs of 2007. In 2009, Leslie recorded the duet, “Eclipse Total” with Tejano Super Star David Marez. The “Hit” duet has scored top radio music honors in the U.S. and Mexico. With the release of her breakthrough debut album, Leslie has been embraced by Tejano music fans worldwide and recognized by music industry professionals with several key music award nominations such as: The Academy of Tejano Music Awards 2007 Female Vocalist of the Year, The Tejano Music Awards 2008 Female Vocalist of the Year and 2008 Most Promising Band of the Year, and the coveted Univision Premios A La Musica Latina Awards 2008 Mejor Vocalista Femenina and 2008 Revelacion Del Año as well as many more.

In 2008, Tejano music Super Stars, recording artists, Shelly Lares, Leslie Lugo, Stefani Montiel and Patsy Torres created the new dynamic ensemble, LAS VOCES. Each artist individually made an indelible mark on the music scene with a lifetime of experience appearing in local, national and international venues, earning a multitude of top music industry awards and scoring countless chart-topping radio music hits. United in this venture, LAS VOCES captivates the hearts of audiences with their powerful performances of traditional Mariachi music instilling them with the beauty and richness bestowed by the emotional voice of their culture. LAS VOCES spectacular shows are backed up by some of the best, most critically acclaimed Mariachi groups.

An accomplished songwriter, Leslie has written songs for many other artists. In 1997, Leslie was honored with an accolade from the Grammy’s for her songwriter performance in the Grammy Award recording, “Said and Done” by Flaco Jimenez. She also co-wrote a song for Flaco Jimenez for the Woody Allen movie, “Picking Up The Pieces”.

Leslie has enhanced her musical abilities and great versatility as a background vocalist by being part of other artist’s musical productions. Her collaborations with other artists have garnered an amazing four Grammy nominations.
A noted professional voice over performer, Leslie’s dynamic and extraordinary voice can be heard from coast to coast in her impressive list of recorded Radio/Television National/Regional Commercials and jingles for Coca Cola, Time Warner, Chrysler, Dodge, Burger King, Enterprise Rent A Car, as well as many others.

Leslie inherited her love of music from her musical family. Her father, Raul Lugo, a Professional Engineer by trade, is also a classical guitarist.  Her mother, Bitsy, and her paternal grandmother would sing at family gatherings.  As a baby, Leslie’s first words were sung, not spoken.  Instead of the usual “Mama” and “Dada” that most babies utter, Leslie sang “Wild Fire”, the two words of a popular song she had heard on the radio. For her amazed parents, this was the first indication that Leslie loved music.  While still a baby, Leslie would carry a carrot the same way one holds a microphone, singing and making up song lyrics as she went along. Leslie’s first steps in her creative life were developed at a very early age. Barely reaching the strings of the guitar as she sang, Leslie, at 5 years old, was already performing for her pre-kindergarten class. During her early years, Leslie was The San Antonio and Texas State Winner of Young American Stars.  She was a Trophy Winner at the “Talent Showcase” International Model & Talent Association in New York City where she competed against hundreds of singers from all over the world.

At the tender age of sixteen, Leslie Lugo, was selected as Lead Vocalist for one of the primer orchestras in Texas, The Ramiro Cervera Orchestra, a San Antonio institution with a 17-piece aggregation of music veterans.  She performed locally, throughout Texas, as well as in other states on occasion. Shortly after, while still in High School, she joined a popular local band, a Latino beat ensemble led by experienced accomplished musicians. At eighteen years of age and the youngest performer, Leslie represented Texas in the prestigious National OTI (Organizacion de Televisoras Ibero-Americanas) song contest in Miami, Florida. She performed live, via The Univision International TV network, before an estimated 200 million television viewers in 33 countries in the U.S. and Latin America.  Leslie was also featured on two telecasts of “Ritmo Internacional”, a TV show via the Hispanic Telemundo Network and broadcast from Walt Disney World Pleasure Island in Orlando, Florida.

By the age of 19, Leslie Lugo struck out on her own, forming her own band and entertaining audiences with a variety of English/Spanish music.  “The Leslie Lugo Band” has performed in numerous festivals, conventions, concerts and special events, such as: The Festival Latino and Noche De Gala Festival in Washington, D.C., National El Presidente Latin Music Songwriting Talent Search in Los Angeles, Calif., The Selena World Premier Movie Gala Celebration in San Antonio, Texas, National Council of La Raza National Convention in Dallas, Texas, The Lulac Foundation Achievement Award Ceremony in Houston, Texas and The George Washington Celebration Noche Mexicana, Colonial Ball and Noche De Cabaret in Laredo, Texas.    El Camino To Fame, a bilingual National syndicated TV show that utilized the technologies of the Internet, featured Leslie as Co-Host and was televised from Fiesta Texas Theme Park in San Antonio, Texas.

Leslie’s debut album has taken her musical career on a new journey artistically and personally reflecting a true representation of where Leslie Lugo is today. She wrote or co-wrote four of the songs on her new album adding her own personal creativity and feeling to her music. The CD is a Latin mix of exciting original music with Leslie performing the powerful tracts brilliantly, blending heart and soul with her unique style. Her charisma, drive and marvelous ability to captivate and enchant her audiences over the past few years has brought her to the forefront of the entertainment world as she continues to celebrate great milestones in her illustrious career.

AJ Castillo

AJ Castillo is the hottest new artist to burst on the scene in 2009. Known for his unique accordion sound and style, his larger than life custom accordions and countless studio recordings with artist such as Joe Posada, Jay Perez, Leslie Lugo, and the list continues.

AJ is now embarking on a new journey as a well-known accordionist, singer, performer, and producer with the release of his debut album “Who I Am”. He now feels it is time to step to the front of the stage and present audiences with his new sound that expands the boundaries of accordion music.

AJ has been playing the accordion since the age of 10. Today, at the age of 23 years old, he has already accomplished so many great things. The Academy of Tejano Artists and Musicians have nominated him for best Accordionist for the past 2 years; he released his first CD “Who I Am,” and is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio in Business Management.

AJ has also performed with many acts such as Ram Herrera, La Diferenzia, and Rudy Palacios. His talent has been recognized by many artists as well as producers including Grammy Award Winning Producer Gilbert Velasquez who has labeled AL’s sound as fresh, diverse, and considered to be the “next page” for Tejano Music.

For Booking Information Go To: AJ Castillo’s Web Page