Elida Reyna

Elida Reyna

Since her earliest days as a performer, Elida Reyna has always known that in order to have an enduring career, her musical evolution must never end. And that is why she is undeniably the leading female force of her generation in the Tex-Mex industry.

Her instinctive understanding of rhythm, passion for performing and her willingness to take creative risks is what has led her down a musical path of artistry and stardom. Knowing that music has no boundaries has fed her artistic growth and inspired her voice to become a vehicle of diverse expression. Possessing an ability to completely captivate audiences with her stage presence, Reyna is an artist fiercely proud of her Mexican-American roots, but also capable of crossing artistic borders by fusing that cultural sound with universal music elements. It is exactly that career-self portrait of her cultural roots that Elida presents in her most recent album. Recognized by BMI as an award winning composer, she continues to show that the accolade was no fluke; the second single “Con Solo Mirarte” will join the list of great hit songs she has composed over the years such as “Duele”, “Te Sigo Amando”, and “No Eres Para Mi”

Elida Reyna continues to expand and diversify her music and style, and at the same time staying true to her Latin roots; she not only continues to show how her evolution can be a great commodity when it comes to creating new ways to reach people, but also a sign of more things to come. “My therapy is music – interpreting my feelings in a song”, she says. “I think that people take that to heart. My own experiences inspire me and I’ll write songs about what I’ve gone through. That personal aspect makes me even more human to people. A good hook is nice, but what you have to say is more important”.

Elida Reyna was born in San Antonio, Tx on Aug, 17th, but raised in Mercedes, Tx. A town that she is very proud to say she’s from, “I’m proud to let people know where I’m from” Elida said at a recent concert. Growing up in Mercedes during the 1980s, she loved watching Tejano stars like Roberto Pulido and La Mafia. They proved to her that Tejano groups could put on as awesome of a live show as any rock hero.

Another important influence was Laura Canales, who was Tejano music’s top female star when Elida was growing up. “Laura Canales showed me that the music wasn’t the exclusive domain of guys. She had a big impact on me choosing this career.” Now, Elida hears similar compliments from young female fans. ..”Girls have told me that they love my music. They were inspired, the same way I was when I saw Laura Canales for the first time. It really is a great feeling to know that you can be a positive inspiration to someone”…

She is known as “La Reina de Majico Valle” and November 1, 2005 was proclaimed as “Elida Reyna Day” in Mercedes, TX. She was honored for all the hard work she has done in the Tejano scene. The long hours in the studio, show after show, city after city, the days away from family, the sleepless nights, and award after award…

Elida began singing at quinceaneras and weddings in 1988. She began her musical career in 1991 when she met arranger Noel Hernandez (former bass player of Avante) at Pan American University in Edinburg, Texas. In 1992, Elida left her studies at the University of Texas-Pan American to pursue music full-time. While many parents might have been mortified, Elida’s dad bought an RV for her and her band. Two years later, they released their debut CD, “Atrevete,” which included the melodic ballad hit “Luna Llena.” She continued her upward spiral, winning numerous awards, and has been named “Female Vocalist of the Year” & “Female Entertainer of the Year”. In 2000 Elida scored big with a ranchero song entitled, “Duele”. Elida has since traveled the world, performing in Asia and Europe. She has proven to be one of the most exciting and consistently successful Latin recording artists in the country.

In 2007 she signed to the prestigious label, Freddie Records. Her soon to be released album, “Domingo” was Elida’s most challenging album to date. Elida wanted to incorporate the old sound of “Avante”, but with a new flare. She contacted her former producer/ music mogul, Noel Hernandez, and current musical director, who is molding the future of a new signature sound, Lalito Reyna. Elida describes this style as “refreshing and an ever evolving genre of music.” This album is set apart from the rest because Elida wrote nine of the thirteen songs. She collaborated with Lalito Reyna on most of the songs, and Freddie Martinez Sr. wrote a duet Elida sang with Jesse Turner. “This album has a good blend of cumbias, rancheras, and ballads. I think the fans will be pleasantly surprised. There is even a song dedicated to my kids called “Todo Es Posible”. The studio time was very rewarding to me because I got to express myself as a writer and a vocalist. The first single is titled “Te Espero” charted at 1 for 6 weeks on Media Guide and the song “Domingo” charted at 1 as well for 8 weeks.

Elida hosted the nationally televised “Pura Vida Awards” where she and the band were nominated by the industry’s top professionals in a record setting five categories. She has been featured in People Magazine, TV Guide, Texas Monthly and Latina Magazine and has appeared on the cover of many of the most widely circulated Latin publications in the world. Recently performed in Washington D.C. for Preseident Barrack Obama at the Latino Inaugeral Ball where she performed her with song “Quedemos Como Amigos” with Michael Salgado.

She is truly a sweet, and down to earth person who always has time to sign a picture for a fan and talk a little. I am glad to say she is a friend. If you’ve seen one of her show, you’ll know why. If you haven’t, make plans to see Elida Reyna. You’re missing out on a strong, talented female singer who does not only puts her heart into it, but you can sometimes catch her ending the song with tears in her eyes.

In June, Elida was featured in the magazine, “Southern Living”, in a spread about aristists that live in the south. Elida has been featured in People Magazine, TV Guide, Latina Magazine, Texas Monthly and has also appeared on the cover of many of the most widely circulated Latin Publications in the world. Elida appeared in the Motion Picture “Harvest Of Redemption” directed by Javier Chapa. In the movie, she performed her hit “DUELE”.




Ambixion has very diverse sound bringing, Reggae-Cumbia, Texas country, as well as R&B into the traditional Texas born conjunto sound making a new sound born in Texas called Conjunto Fusion, with their first album Ambixion Vol.I released in March,2005 Ambixion made a mark in Tejano music’s history time line with a nomination at the 2006 Tejano Music Awards for Conjunto album progressive of the year , crossover band of the year and most promising band of the year, As well as nomination at the 2007 Industry Awards. With their second release of Vol.II “Todo O Nada” Ambixion plans to widen their fanbase worldwide to send the message of Texas’ Conjunto sound to listeners everywhere.

Grupo Ambixion consist of:

Adam Ramirez (Lead Vocalist),
Andrew Rodriguez (Mgr., Accordion, Vocals),
Raymond Lopez (Bajo Sexto, 2nd Voice)
Rene Rangel (Drummer)
Richard Mestis (Bass, Bajo Electrico).

Thanksgiving weekend in 2001, Ambixion traveled to Corpus Christi and in Competition held by the Tejano Academy of Fine Arts, Grupo Ambixion brought home the 1st place trophy in the band category. Being the only group out of North Texas, it came to Grupo Ambixion as a big surprise.

Grupo Ambixion has had the honor sharing the stage with Tropa F, Pression, Joe Lopez, Michael Salgado and many other great Tejano artists and continue to strive to play with the best.



Sensual and seductive are only a few words that describe this new singer of Mexican Regional and Tejano music. Her first production was under the direction of record label A.R.C. Discos is entitled, “Tu Mayor Tentación”.

Briana began her artistic career at the age of eight in her hometown of Othello, Washington. The enjoyment of listening to singers like Rocio Durcal and Mariah Carey was wah motived her to pursue her singing career.

Briana has performed on several national Latin TV shows, including “Despierta América”, “Escándalo TV” (Univision) and “Al Rojo Vivo Con Maria Celeste” (Telemundo).

Una voz joven sensual y seductora son tan solo algunas de las palabras que describen a esta nueva intérprete de la música regional Mexicana. Su primera producción bajo la dirección de A.R.C. discos se titula, “Tu Mayor Tentación” prende y transmite el sonido que identifica la música regional Mexicana.

Briana inicia su carrera artística como vocalista a la edad de ocho años en su pueblo natal de Othello, Washington interpretando la música de su gente. La sensación de la cantante Mexicana Rocio Durcal, y la diva del pop Mariah Carey fueron quien la motivó a continuar su carrera artística.

Comenzando el año nuevo Briana presento su mas reciente producción titulada “Tu Mayor Tentación” en programas a nivel nacional como “Despierta América”, “Escándalo TV” (Univision) y “Al Rojo Vivo Con Maria Celeste” (Telemundo). Además continua su gira artística por todos los estados unidos y en la frontera de México.

Su primer sencillo, “Las Mil Y Una Noche” cuenta la historia de una mujer que recuerda los buenos momentos de un amor del pasado. Su segundo sencillo Titulado “Tu Mayor Tentación” ahora se puede escuchar en diferentes emisoras en los estados unidos y en la frontera con México. El disco incluye canciones rancheras como “La Trampa”, “No Discutamos” cumbias como “La Playa”, “Las Mil Y Una Noche”, “Dulce Veneno”, “Ay Amor”, “Que Ganas”, “Como Extraño Ese Hombre”, “Tu Mayor Tentación” y una balada “La Desconfianza”.

El video musical de “Las Mil Y Una Noche” fue filmado en la ciudad de San Antonio, TX y sé esta transmitiendo ya en varios estaciones de televisión en los Estados Unidos y al Norte de México.

“Tu Mayor Tentación” fue producido por el Sr. Ramón González Mora, exitoso compositor de temas muy importantes dentro del género grupero, tal como: “Perdóname Mi Amor” “Necesito decirte”,“Morir de amor” (Conjunto Primavera) y muchos otros éxitos con artistas como “Los Mismos” “Bronco” “El Poder Del Norte” “Pesado” “Mojado” y “José Guadalupe Esparza,” por mencionar algunos.

Michael Salgado

Michael Salgado

Michael Salgado es el ejemplo mas prominente del talento latino, conquistando un destacado lugar en listas de popularidad, ventas y sobre todo, en el corazon del publico. Con mas de DOS MILLONES de unidades vendidas en total de sus ocho producciones discograficas, Michael Salgado estrena su nueva produccion con SONY DISCOS titulada “TU MUSICA…SIN FRONTERAS”. De esta manera, Michael Salgado consolida su proyección internacional, dandole seguimiento al exito de su anterior album “SANGRE DE REY”. “MI ULTIMA PARRANDA” es el primer éxito del nuevo album de Michael Salgado, reconociendose de inmediato el surgimiento de un hit. La produccion en conjunto, destaca las virtudes artistica de Michael Salgado como nunca antes, tanto su singular y potente voz, como el dominio absoluto de su inseparable acordeon. Cumbias, corridos y sus inigualables baladas, forman la estructura vital de “TU MUSICA… SIN FRONTERAS”. Originario de Barrancos, Chihuahua, Mexico, Michael Salgado ha sido reconocido con cuatro galardones de los “Tejano Music Awards”, entre ellos como “Mejor Cancion Del Año 2001” con el tema “Ya No Voy A Aguantar”, y el premio Billboard Latin Music 1998, como “Mejor Album Regional Mexicano”.

Entregado a la musica desde los siete anos de edad, Michael Salgado se inicio en el mundo del espectaculo como “invitado” del “Conjunto Alegria”, lidereado por su propio padre. Desde entonces ya se perfilaba como la promesa musical mas original y sobresaliente de su generacion, pues no solo capto la atencion de sus parientes y amigos durante sus actuaciones en fiestas familiares y escolares, sino que empresarios siguieron sus pasos muy de cerca para garantizar que su talenta fuera disfrutado por el poblico. Su excepcional habilidad para tocar el acordeon de manera zurda y al reves, le otorgaron el bien ganado apodo de “El Zurdo De Oro”, y durante sus actuaciones en vivo, su extrana habilidad llamaba poderosamente la atencion de sus fans que a los pocos meses de su debut, ya se sumaban por miles. El primer album de Michael Salgado salio al mercado en 1989; sin embargo fue hasta varios anos y albums despues que llego el gran exito para marcar el “antes y despues” de la carrera de Michael Salgado, gracias al tema “Cruz De Madera”, del album del mismo titulo, en 1995, ganandose el primero de sus innumerables reconocimientos; esto es el premio “Pura Vida”, como “Mejor Cancion Del Año”. Luego de “CRUZ DE MADERA”, siguieron otros grandes exitos como:

“Recordando a los Relampagos”, “Sin Ella”, “Palomita Blanca”, “La Media Vuelta”, “Golondrinas a Cornelio”, “Mi Chatita”, “Volare, Volare”, “Otra Vez A La Cantina” Y el Hit Tejano #1 del año 2001: “Ya No Voy a Aguantar” (Certificado como “Mejor Cancion del Año” por el prestigiado Tejano Music Awards). Los meritos y galardones para Michael Salgado no son azares del destino, porque detras de la elaboracion de cada album existe “un trabajo duro, dedicacion, esfuerzo y mucha entrega”, afirma el propio Michael Salgado. A lo anterior, hay que agregar un estilo musical tradicional de acordeón y bajo sexto con una influencia actual, norteno-tropical para sus cumbias… “Siempre me ha gustado la musica con acordeon porque es parte de mis raices”, agrega el cantautor. Privilegiado con un gran talento musical y un corazon humilde, Michael Salgado encuentra una gran satisfaccion interpretando sus canciones y tocando su acordeon, lo que no rine en lo absoluto con su filosofia artistica de complacer a su publico… “No quiero limites a mi musica, solamente quiero satisfacer a mi publico de la mejor manera que pueda”, afirma. Precisamente y retomando su compromiso de llevar su talento y musica mas alla de limites geograficos, es que Michael Salgado estrena “TU MUSICA… SIN FRONTERAS”, logrando la proyeccion de sus canciones hasta los mejores niveles internacionales.


Mejor Cancion del Año: “CRUZ DE MADERA”

Mejor Conjunto del Año

Album Del Año/Conjunto Tradicional

Mejor Cancion Regional del Año:



Cantante del Año

Mejor Conjunto Del Año Y
Mejor Cancion Del Año

Mejor Conjunto Tradicional:

Mejor Conjunto Tradicional:

Mejor Conjunto Tradicional

Mejor Album Musica Regional Mexicana

Mejor Cancion del Año:
“Ya No Voy a Aguantar”.

Monica Castro

Monica Castro

Monica Castro from Phoenix Arizona is a graduate from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors degree in eBusiness. Monica is a talented inspiring Tejano Recording Artist releasing her debut album “Yo Sin Ti” in June 2007. The “Yo Sin Ti “ was accepted and on the ballot of the 2008, 50thAnnual Grammy Awards for best Tejano album. Monica received 3 nominations from the 28th Annual Tejano Music Awards including category Best New Female Artist. In 2009, for the 29th Annual TMA’s Monica received a nomination category BEST NEW ARTIST-FEMALE and was awarded the Tejano Music Award for BEST NEW ARTIST – FEMALE. Monica later found out she was the first Tejano Recording Artist in 29 years to ever win a Tejano Music Award outside of Texas, it had never been done before. Monica will forever be in the history books of the Texas Talent Musician’s Association for 2009.achievements.

The second album entitled “Voy A Pelear” has been released with great reviews. . Monica has 4 hit singles that has come from the Voy A Pelear album at number one on varies Tejano Charts though out the Country and in Mexico. Pobrecita Mi Madrecita held #1 For 11 consecutive weeks on United States / Mexico’s syndicatedradio show The TejanoGold Countdown. . Monica y Su Grupo ExiTo has been together for 2 years consistently. Live performances include cover music, crowd favorites.

29th Annual Tejano Music Award Winner BEST NEW ARTIST – FEMALE
Nominated by the 29th Annual Tejano Music Awards category Best New Female Artist of the Year
Presenter for the 29thAnnual TMA’s , awarded presented to Best Vocal Duo of the Year
Presenter for the 28th Annual TMA’s, awarded presented Song of the Year 2008.
Nominated 3 times by the 28th Tejano Music Awards Industry for “Female Vocalist of the Year” “Best Duo of the Year” , “Promising Band”
2008 Academy of Tejano Artists & Musicians Presenter of “Best Trumpet” San Antonio, Texas .
The album was submitted and accepted by the 50th Grammy Awards Preliminary ballot in the Best Tejano Album Category
Title track “Yo Sin Ti” on rotation at KXTN 107.5 San Antonio reached the #1 on Daily Countdown
Two songs on Tejano 1600AM 2007 top 100 list in Tucson Arizona and 4 song on top 100 in 2008.

The album has earned rotation on various radio stations to name a few; KSAB Corpus Christi TX , KBOO 90.7 Oregon, KKUP 91.5 Cupertino CA, 95.1 Austin, Chicano Express Waxahachie TX, KTJK 1230 Del Rio TX, KNON Dallas Texas, 14.50 Tampa Fl., 105.3 Arcadia Fl., 14.40 West Palm Beach FL, La Ley 102.5 McAllen TX,KXOX Sweetwater TX, KSLV Monte Vista Colorado, 93.7 Lubbock TX, KEJS 106.5 Lubbock Texas, Tejano Gold Countdown, TejanoFM Greenly Colorado, Tejanismo Extreme Monterrey Mx TexMexFM, BNET radio, Amigo’s Radio, KXEW Tejano1600,
The albums have gone international with two tracks on the charts in Guanajuato Mexico.
#1 on the TejanoMagazine.net New Artist Poll 4 weeks straight

Over 100 performances in 2007, 2008, 2009 including Special Performances below

Special Performances

    2007, 2008, 2009 Tejano Music Award Fan Fair San Antonio, TX
    July 4 2007 celebration Market Square San Antonio, Texas
    Live radio interview KEDA San Antonio TX, Tejano 1600AM Tucson AZ, TexMexFM Dallas TX, 1190 AM Phx AZ, TejanoMagazine WA State
    Opening performances for War, Malo, Home Town Boys, and Alma Tejana, in Phoenix, Az.
    Cinco de Mayo 2007 “Coach & Willies” block party Phoenix, Az
    23rd Annual Gran Fiesta del Barrio Flagstaff, Az supporting Hispanic NAU Scholarships
    MTV2 event First Annual Miss Caliente Pageant Tucson, Az sponsored by Fever Promotions
    Pachanga Móvil sponsored by Food City and Univision station 105.9fm “El show del Gatillero”
    Feb 24, 2008 March 16, 2008 and March 30, 2008
    2008 Tejano Music Awards Presenter “Song of the Year” San Antonio, TX
    March 21, 2008 Tejano Xplosion Active Military Night at Cattleman’s Square San Antonio TX
    Fiesta San Antonio 4 performances at Market Square March 19, 2008 and March 20, 2008
    Cinco de Mayo 2008, 2009 Festival along with WAR /Malo presented by Qwest and Food City.
    National Anthem Performance for the Celebrity Soccer Match Sponsoredby 1190AM at Phoenix College Stadium on 05-31-2008
    City of Peoria Fiestas Patrias 2008
    December 6, 2008 40th Annual Angeles Del Barrio Children’s Christmas Holiday Celebration

Hermanos Herrera

Hermanos Herrera

United by blood and through Music, Hermanos Herrera have established themselves as the future of Regional Mexican music. Youthful exuberance, authenticity, and a refreshing image are the characteristics that will propel Hermanos Herrera and the Regional Mexican genre into new heights. Able to capture various traditional musical styles with remarkable authenticity, Hermanos Herrera are true representatives of Mexico’s rich musical landscape.

Hermanos Herrera is a family group consisting of five brothers and their younger sister. The group plays various styles of traditional Mexican music such as Son Huasteco, Son Jarocho, and musica Norteña. They perform with an aggressive and energetic style that is both passionate and exhilarating.

Hermanos Herrera have six recordings under the Sonbros Record label. Their latest Norteño CD received strong radio play throughout the U.S. and Mexico with one of the singles reaching number one in a few markets. Hermanos Herrera further broke new ground with their most recent Son Huasteco recording as it also received commercial radio play in both the U.S. and Mexico. This groundbreaking achievement was a first for the Son Huasteco genre. For being ambassadors of the Son Huasteco genre, the group was awarded the most prestigious recognition, “Sol Poniente” Lifetime achievement award in Veracruz, Mexico.

Hermanos Herrera have shared their music with a wide audience, performing throughout the U.S. and Mexico. They have performed at world renowned venues, alongside the biggest names in the music industry and have appeared on numerous national and international television programs. They have shared the stage with; Los Tigres del Norte, Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, Linda Ronstadt, Conjunto Primavera, Los Lobos, Julieta Venegas, Ozomatli, Jose Feliciano, Montez de Durango, and Banda el Recodo among countless other artists.

Beyond music, Hermanos Herrera have established themselves as well-rounded scholars and academics. All 6 members graduated valedictorian of their high school class and were all star athletes in various sports. They have, or continue to attend UCLA, one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. Jorge Andres Herrera is continuing work on his Ph.D, Luis Albino Herrera received his Master’s degree, Miguel Antonio Herrera received his Bachelor’s degree as did Juan Pablo Herrera. Jose Marcelino Herrera and Rebeca Isabel Herrera are still working on their university degrees.

In addition to their musical and academic accomplishments, Hermanos Herrera have maintained an active presence in the community. Through their music they have raised over $100,000 for the community and have assisted in countless fundraising and community service events, educating children and assisting those in need.

Their upcoming and very much anticipated CD “En Tu Corazon” is planned for release in summer 2009. It will surely flood the radio waves and be a necessary addition to everyone’s collection.