AJ Castillo

AJ Castillo is the hottest new artist to burst on the scene in 2009. Known for his unique accordion sound and style, his larger than life custom accordions and countless studio recordings with artist such as Joe Posada, Jay Perez, Leslie Lugo, and the list continues.

AJ is now embarking on a new journey as a well-known accordionist, singer, performer, and producer with the release of his debut album “Who I Am”. He now feels it is time to step to the front of the stage and present audiences with his new sound that expands the boundaries of accordion music.

AJ has been playing the accordion since the age of 10. Today, at the age of 23 years old, he has already accomplished so many great things. The Academy of Tejano Artists and Musicians have nominated him for best Accordionist for the past 2 years; he released his first CD “Who I Am,” and is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio in Business Management.

AJ has also performed with many acts such as Ram Herrera, La Diferenzia, and Rudy Palacios. His talent has been recognized by many artists as well as producers including Grammy Award Winning Producer Gilbert Velasquez who has labeled AL’s sound as fresh, diverse, and considered to be the “next page” for Tejano Music.

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