Sound Rental

Sound Lights and Stage Rental




    -Line Array System
    12 boxes (Clear Lake Audio) (model CUBO)
    -website (
    -each box is powered
    -made in Houston, Texas
    8 jbl dual subs
    QSC RMX 5050 power amps are used for the subs
    2 Gini towers that go 20 feet high to fly speakers if needed

Front of House

    Soundcraft GB-8 32 channel mixer
    BSS FCS-960 Dual Channel Dual mode Graphic EQ
    PreSonus ACP88- Eight Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate
    DBX 1066 dual compressor/Limiter/Gate
    DBX PA Drive Rack
    TC Electronics M-300 Effects processor
    Yamaha 2000 effect processor
    Yamaha 900 effect processor


    Soundcraft GB-4 32 channel mixer
    3 1231 dual channel 31 band equalizers
    1 DBX 15 band dual channel equalizer
    8 Yamaha monitors (horn and 15 inch speaker)
    2 bi-amp monitors (horn and 2 12 inch speakers)
    2 Crown XL1200 power amps
    1 Crown XL 900 power ampu
    2 QSC 2450 power amps
    PreSonus ACP88- Eight Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate
    1 sb1000 series lows
    JBL srx 700 series mids for side fills
    1 Crown Macro tech 5002 for low sub fills
    6 JBl sm 12 monitors


    Wireless Handheld Sennhieser Microphones
    Shure Beta 58
    Shure 57
    Shure Beta 52 Bass Drum Microphone
    Shure PG 52 Bass Drum Microphone
    Shure beta 98 Tom Microphones
    Shure pg 56Tom Microphones
    Shure pg 81Condenser Microphones
    Condenser Microphones
    Recording Microphone
    whirlwind Direct Boxes
    Shure sm 81 condenser microphones
    Shure Beta 91 kick drum microphone


    10 elation 575 power spot II’s
    4 American DJ Accu Wash 250
    Elation Compu Pro 06 Lighting Controller
    F-150 Fog Machine
    24 par 64’s 600 watts- Leprecon dimmers
    NSI controller for par cans
    Avolite pearl 2008 lighting controller


    32 channel split snake 150 feet to front mix and 50 feet to monitor mix
    24 channel snake 150 feet
    16 channel snake 50 feet
    6 channel snake 15 feet
    Mic stands

Backline Equipment

    DW maple custom drum set (22 in. kick drum, 10, 12, 14, 16 inch toms)
    -cymbals (various)
    -DW 9000 series double bass drum pedal
    Mesa Boggie Tripple Rectifier Head
    Four Twelve Speaker Mesa Boggie Cabinet
    SWR 750x Bass Head
    Ampeg SVT 3 Bass Head
    Ampeg SVT 8X10 Bass Cabinet
    Pioneer 600 DJ mixer
    2 Pioneer MK3 1000 CDJ turntable
    Full latin percussion set up (everything is LP except Dejembe Drum which is remo)
    Congas, timbales, Dejembe drum, Bata Drums, Percussion table, and auxiliary effect
    Fender reverb
    2 JCM900 marshall half stack
    Vox ac 30
    *any changes to rider can be done given enough time and availability of equipment
    *additional equipment can be found if not in rider


    50 pieces of 4×8 platforms
    -stage makes a 40×40 stage
    -stage ranges from 2 to 3 feet in height


    32x20x20 Global trussing system
    Square truss 10×10
    Roof for trussing for outdoor venues to protect the sun not the rain for 32×20 stage
    Truss can make a 40×40 box 20 feet high


    -48 feet of barricade

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