Mingo Saldivar

Mingo Saldivar

A career than spans over four decades, Saldivar has grown to be one of the most dynamic and electrifying accordionist today. He is considered not only a pioneer, but a legend in Conjunto music.

At the age of 66, Saldivar was awarded our nations highest honor. In September of 2002, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded Mingo with the National Heritage Fellowship Award. An award that recognizes individuals for their lifetime achievement, artistic excellence and contributions to our nation’s traditional arts heritage.

Known to his fans as “The Dancing Cowboy”, Saldivar is now considered a National Treasure for his contributions through his music. Born in Marion, Texas a small community just Northeast of San Antonio, Saldivar was introduced to music by his father Jesus Saldivar and mother Pauline Saldivar. At the age of 11 Saldivar began learning the guitar, taught to him by his father. In time and after mastering several different instruments, Saldivar found his talent to be with the button accordion.

After spending sometime in the army as a paratrooper, Saldivar was introduced to the sound of country music and rhythm and blues, which today you can hear how he has incorporated it into his own unique style of playing. After leaving the army, Saldivar played with different conjunto bands, including Los Guadalupanos.

In 1964, Saldivar took his family to Anchorage, Alaska where he opened up a Mexican restaurant and created the only Conjunto band in the area. In 1971, Saldivar came back to his native San Antonio, where in 1975 started his own group known today as Mingo Saldivar Y Los Cuatro Espadas.

In recent years Saldivar has played at such venues as President Clinton’s First Inaugural Gala, the 1996 Olympics, Carnegie Hall, and a 5 week USIA tour of Africa and the Near Middle East. Saldivar is an Ambassador of Hispanic culture and tradition, sending his message through every note played on his accordion.


Mariachi Damas de Jalisco – San Antonio, TX

Damas de Jalisco is San Antonio’s premiere all-female mariachi ensemble. These young ladies are San Antonio’s newest and hottest cultural sensation! Founded May 21, 2005, and hand picked by director Sonia Marin, Damas is an eleven piece group comprised of local beauties ranging from 19 to 28 years old. These young musicians have been chosen for their specific talents, instrumentally and vocally as the best and brightest that San Antonio has to offer!

All of the members of Damas de Jalisco have had previous successes in the genre of mariachi, with their varied performance experiences. Damas brings to the table some of the hottest vocal talent in San Antonio, with one of the core vocalists, Vanessa del Fierro having recently been a finalist on Voces de America-the latino version of American Idol! Some of these young ladies have shared the stage with musical icons such as Trio Los Panchos, Jose Feliciano, Mariachi Mujer 2000, Mariachi America, Sol de México, and the world renowned Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán.

Although these talented young ladies love their music and entertaining, they are not to be taken lightly. The repertoire of Damas is extremely unlike that of other ensembles. Together, Damas de Jalisco chooses music that carries meaning and relevance. These ladies love to interpret music they know will attract all of their audiences-from the young to the young at heart! The jazzy vocals mixed with the upbeat personality of each of the Damas is what excites audiences when first experiencing a group performance. These are just some of the reasons that Damas de Jalisco is anything but a typical mariachi!

A wide array of performance experience in such a short time span, is also what makes Damas de Jalisco an elite group. Using their art ot attract attention and awareness, Damas has supported different organizations such as ¡Feliz!, an awareness and fundraising organization for birth defects, based out of Houston, Texas. Seeking community involvement to promote humanitarian causes as well as their culture, last year Damas participated in a parade based out of the cultural heart of San Antonio at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center downtown. With the extensive military community in the Alamo city, Damas has also held the honor of performing for local military celebrations. The group has been featured on Channel 41 Univision in a news special, recommending them as the top mariachi to hire for Mother’s Day serenades. To add to all of this, the group has been hired by such entertainment companies as Stertio entertainment, and 3 local venues, at which the group performs regularly. The group offices out of the Network for Young Artists (NYA), a non-profit community youth group that promotes the arts for local talent in the San Antonio area.

When these ladies are not rehearsing at NYA or performing, they are either studying at local colleges and universities, working as professionals in their field of expertise or taking care of their families. Maintaining all of these important goals and interests intact and being awesome musicians really sets these young women apart from the rest! This drive for educational and career success carries over into their efforts as an ensemble. All you have to do is see these ladies perform together and you can see their personalities blend together to make up a unique and exquisite entertainment experience!

Walter Campbell

Walter Campbell – Clean Comedian

Beyond his silliness, his versatility and energy mixed in with his clean and relevant comedy, enables him to reach people of all nationalities and backgrounds. His wit, animation, and charm create uncontrollable laughter and amusement in his stand up routines or as Master of Ceremonies.

He has worked with and opened for national entertainers such as Sinbad along with Sommore, Shang Forbes, Sheryl Underwood, Bruce Bruce, Don “DC” Curry, Carlos Mencia, Mark “The Chinaman” Britten, EMI Gospel recording artist Lamar Campbell, legendary R&B group Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, as well as parody king Weird Al Yankovic in 2004.

As a skilled Master of Ceremonies, Walter has graced various stages around the world to host such events like the Sickle Cell Anemia Comedy Show Fundraiser, as well as entertaining an audience of 8,000 as the host at the 2005 East Coast Step Show in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

In 2007, Walter showcased his talents being selected as the winner of the “Funniest Person in South Texas Comedy Competition” In 2001, he spent the year traveling around the world with the premier entertainment Air Force ensemble, Tops in Blue where he showcased his comedic skills, but also signing, dancing and magic. During his tour, Walt performed over 137 shows in 20 countries, including a pit stop at NASCAR’s Daytona 500 in 2002.

Stefani Montiel

Stefani Montiel

Born December 23 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Stefani Montiel (Stefani Barela Sullivan) arrived with a rich cultural lineage extending to Mexico, Spain, Germany and Italy. Her Mexican-American roots, nevertheless, are her source of pride and the solid foundation for her life and her music.

While growing up, Stefani would watch and listen to Emilio Barela, her grandfather, as he played his accordion along classic rancheras. Her father, Dwight Sullivan also provided musical nourishment to the future Tejano superstar while performing with his band, Los Chavos, in New Mexico. At age three, in exchange for a bowl of cherries and a soda pop, Stefani made her singing debut to the amazement of everyone present, showing great poise and a naturally sweet and smooth voice.

The music world gave Stefani a warm welcome upon the release of her first single at age five. Side A featured “Rancho Grande” while side B broke into the airwaves with “Que Grande El Amor de Dios.” By age nine, Stefani recorded her first album “ANGEL BABY.” Besides the classic “Angel Baby” the album included three major hits “Las Gaviotas,” “Flor De Las Flores,” and “Blue Bayou.” Her second Long Play album was released when she turned fifteen years old, simply title “Listen to My Music” including a mixture of Country, Pop, and classic rancheras.

Searching for a future in the music business, Stefani moved to San Antonio, Texas in hopes of realizing greater fame. Her success was immediate with two major hits- “Primer Beso” and “Tú y Nadie Más.” She was soon signed to a long term contract with Sony Discos and released “TE VOY A ENAMORAR” which established her as a major force in the Tejano music industry. Other hits off this album were “Celos” and “Soy Feliz” which received national airplay, as well as the title track and accompanying video “Te Voy a Enamorar” featuring actor MARIO LOPEZ.

The first visit to Mexico, for Stefani, was a complete success due in part to her incredible charisma, impressive vocal power, and stunning beauty. She was named the Queen of the Monterrey Fair after giving a rousing performance before more than 100,000 fans.

The second album, “TODO MI AMOR” proved that Stefani was not a “one-hit wonder” and expanded her fan-base by including more of a “Pop” feel to some of the songs. Hits like “Sabado en la Noche”, “Angel en el Cielo”, and “Contigo” showcased her powerful range and smooth vocals. It became obvious to the public and industry insiders that they were witnessing the work of a major star with the ability to crossover into any type of music. Radio airplay increased to a frenzied level featuring hits from the previous album as well as “TODO MI AMOR.”

Her next release “PORQUE SOY MUJER” (Because I am a Woman) delivered still more hits including the title track, which established an important link of communication between the Tejano songbird and her loyal female fans. Songs that are now standards include “Porque Soy Mujer,” the gypsy-influenced “Baila Conmigo,” and the driving beat of “Ven Conmigo.”

Her latest album ” DULCE SENSACION” (Sweet Sensation) features one of the first songs she ever sang, “Angel Baby” with a Spanglish and a Spanish version featuring a cumbia beat. “DULCE SENSACION” is the definitive release by Stefani Montiel. Loaded with radio-friendly hits, the album hints at Regional Mexican, Pop, and Tropical while still strongly rooted in the Tejano sound. The first single “Ay Papi” written by Stefani, included a Tejano, hip-hop, and “Mambolicious” tropical version which all drew immediate success and airplay throughout the country as well as Los Angeles, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Also included on this album are “Daria Todo,” “La Puerta,” and the fully orchestrated, “Hermoso Amor.” The painstaking detail of the arrangements, the lyrics, the vocal delivery and the production quality speak volumes of Stefani Montiel’s talent and earned her a nomination for “BEST TEJANO PERFORMANCE” at the first ever Latin Grammys in 2000.

Stefani Montiel has come a long way from that three year old little girl in New Mexico, to a sensational tejano superstar admired by thousands. A strong voice empowering today’s youth to reach for the stars and go for the glory, Stefani strives to give her all to her fans. Her optimistic outlook on life and positive attitude will help her continue on the road to success where she will reign as the “dulce sensacion” in the hearts of her fans.

Joe Posada

Joe Posada

Joe Posada, one of Tejano music’s most celebrated saxophonists, is also recognized as a timeless vocalist and a well-versed lyricist. As an accomplished composer, Posada has managed to successfully fuse the sounds of Jazz and Tejano by creating a melodic flow found intriguing by a wide range of music lovers.

Citing John Coltrane, Michael Brecker and Grover Washington as significant influences, Posada’s ability to integrate Jazz chord progressions and scatting into the polka beat has enabled Tejano music to advance to the multi-genre blend always claimed, but rarely achieved, by Tejano’s most loyal supporters.

A six-time Tejano Award and four-timeTejano Academy Award winner, native San Antonian, Posada, was born in 1954, the same year orchestra leader, Isidro Lopez integrated accordions with his ensemble in Alice, TX, a historic event in the birth of what is now called Tejano music. Raised in the predominantly Hispanic West Side San Antonio, he began his saxophone studies at age 12.

Though his parents were not musicians, Posada’s mother was determined to encourage her son’s study of music, a clever ploy to deter a young Joe from spending time with potentially negative influences.

Once he made a name for himself by way of talent shows and neighborhood groups, Posada was able to progress and gain notoriety playing with local groups Rudy Tee and the Reno-Bops and Zapata. In 1973, during what author, Ramiro Burr calls Tejano’s Golden Age, Posada graduated to the Royal Jesters, a premier Onda Chicana act of the moment.

In addition to playing sax, Posada contributed his talents assisting with musical arrangements. This growth has Posada credited with remaining on the progressive side of Tejano, emphasizing a preference of wind instruments to accordion.

Posada came into his own as a composer on the 1993’s Breakaway, for which he composed all tracks. Widening his range for his listeners, he recorded a salsa track, a sax instrumental and the Jazz-Soul title track. It was Posada’s 1994 release, “Canción Para Mi Padre,” (Song For My Father) that found him unifying Jazz and Polka seamlessly, a creative endeavor magnifying his talents and setting him aside from the conventional cookie-cutter bands.

“Con Un Cachito,” “Ya No,” and “Caen Por Caen” are nationwide hits and the recently released “Amor Y Fuego,” collection of 12 original tracks continues to be recognized by the public as one of Posada’s more recent musical accomplishments with receiving a 2006 Latin Grammy nomination. 2005 was also an energizing year for Posada with his induction into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame and his Grammy nomination for his compilation, “Then and Now.”

Posada’s musical plate is always overflowing with delectable treats that have the public wanting more. Currently, Posada is touring and performing in an effort to promote his latest CD, “Despacito,” which has also won a 2007 Latin Grammy nomination. Just for kicks, Mr. Posada has also released, in 2007, “Jazzano” an all-Jazz CD. In addition to playing various San Antonio venues, there are the many local conventions, Jazz clubs and festivals, a wide variety of hosts welcoming of the versatility and unique Latino brew that defines Joe Posada as an unequalled musical success.

From the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and the Houston Astrodome to Rocco’s in Belaire, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, Posada’s efforts continue to quench those thirsty souls who seemingly are never quite satiated with the all too common drones escaping radio airwaves and unmatched by Posada’s passion for music. Being a seasoned musician, Posada continues as one of the more sought out modern-day músicos whose expertise illuminates even the bigger stages.

Sunny Sauceda

Sunny Sauceda

2-Time Grammy Award Winner, Sunny Sauceda is making the publicity rounds promoting an exciting solo CD, which is being released to great fanfare on the prestigious Tejas Records label.

The Texas music scene is buzzing with the news that, Sunny and Grupo Vida parted ways after completing their recording commitment and seven year relationship with Tejas Records. Sunny took the opportunity to re-sign a multi-record solo deal with Tejas. He immediately got into the studio to record and at the same time formed a top notch, high-energy group to carry his accordion based live show and recording career to new levels.

Tony T. Samarripa, of KXTQ in Lubbock, TX, one of Texas’ top program directors, say’s “It’s exciting to watch because he’s young and has time still to become the best accordionist we’ve ever had.” Tejano hit-maker and long time friend, Eddie Gonzalez, “It’s the best thing that could have happened. Now he’ll have the creative freedom he needs.”

Sunny Sauceda is considered to be one of the best accordion players in the world and the list of the accomplishments that led up to this new solo career is long and impressive. Sunny performed across the country as part of the record breaking “Fly” tour with the Dixie Chicks. He has appeared in ad campaigns for the Miller Brewing Co., which were viewed by millions. He has received “Best Accordionist” recognition from both the T.T.M.A and T.E.M.A. He has one of the top endorsement relationships with Hohner and has traveled internationally to do clinics and endorsement performances. And, in 2005, Sunny received a Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album.

Due to his history of success in all his past musical projects Texas music fans, radio programmers, and live venue operators anticipate great things from this newest chapter in Sunny’s life. The reason is that he has such a large fan base. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of thousands have been spellbound by Sunny’s incredible stage performances, which were the main force behind Grupo Vida’s many well deserved “Show band of the Year” honors. Millions have enjoyed his innovative and influential accordion style on hit records and those devoted longtime fans are eager to continue on with Sunny into the future of innovative progressive Tex-Music music.

The hot new solo CD entitled simply “Sunny,” is going to be another potential mega-hit because fans and the media all over the world have become hooked on the pure excitement that is the pride of Texas entertainment; Sunny Sauceda.

Mariachi Los Galleros – San Antonio, TX

Mariachi Los Galleros

In South Texas, where Mariachis are the heart and soul of celebrations and festivities, the elite choice is Mariachi Los Galleros de San Antonio. Unrivaled in skill and talent, the acclaimed musicians of Mariachi Los Galleros boast more than twenty years experience, performing in venues through out the US, Mexico and abroad.

Most recently, Mariachi Los Galleros received the distinguished honor of accompanying renowned tenor, Placido Domingo and performing at Jenna Bush’s wedding ceremony and reception. Mariachi Los Galleros was also selected to represent the City of San Antonio in a national advertisement campaign, making appearances on Fox and Friends and NBC’s Today show, among other morning shows.

Outfitted in their elegant Traje de Charro, Mariachi Los Galleros is sure to invigorate and complement your special event. From intimate romantic serenades to festive grand galas, the rich authentic sound of Mariachi Los Galleros is the optimum choice. Quality, Experience and Excellence – Mariachi Los Galleros, Simplemente Lo Mejor.