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Web Site Design Services

Professional web design services are provided to businesses and individuals that want Internet presence and exposure to the ever growing online community. We provide that link to consumers looking for information as they buy services or products. The first impressions you present to the public makes a difference. We design your web site to look and feel professional, free of pop-up ads and annoying free advertising that only clutters up a web site. Don’t be fooled by free web site hosting and services, these are Not Professional services that have your interest in mind.

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Professional Web Site Design
with or without Hosting!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

RDS Marketing can economically design and as a option, host
your web site with Professional results.



• Establish a Web Presence, Increase Marketing
• Increase Sales
• Generate Business Leads
• Increase International Presence
• Generate Requests for Information
• Support Existing Advertising
• Offer Customer Service
• Build Store or Business Traffic
• Provide Latest Information on Products/Service
• Build a Database for Emailing
• Position the Business as Technologically Advanced

Domain Registration

Reserve a domain name today and give your business a distinct Web address.
(rdsmarketing.com, amazon.com and redcross.org are examples of domain names.)

By registering for your own domain name, you will:
Create a professional image.
Build your company’s credibility.
Make it easier for visitors to remember your Web address.

Domain Registration Price is when you also purchase web site design:
1-year registration – $35.00
2-year registration – $70.00
3-year registration – $105.00

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee that your web site will be accessible at least 99.9% of the time.
We monitor our web server network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If, for some reason, there is a server outage – we know it.

Note: Obviously, this guarantee does not apply to co-located servers, nor does it apply routine maintenance performed on the network to ensure reliable performance.

Web Statistics

This tracks your web site visitors in real-time. You will be able to run hundreds of different combinations of reports all online through your web browser.

Your Own Domain Name


1. It protects your trademark or company name. Otherwise, another company or similar product could take a domain name that others would think of as yours.

2. Most people, when searching for a company or product, first try to search for the company by typing in http://www.yourcompany.com or http://www.yourproduct.com.

3. Having your own domain name says that you are big enough to merit your own domain. It allows you to stand out much more than you would in a mall.

4. For small businesses, it doesn’t pay to host your own site on an in house computer (since the cost of hardware, software, and support is high). Instead select RDS Marketing to provide you with a secure and fast connection to the web as well as other services you might require to make your site operational. Don’t try to save money by using a low-powered Web Host.

5. Your own domain name allows you to create a short memorable name that people will remember, that is easy for you to repeat over the phone, and that will fit on your business card.

Why Should you have a Web Site?


Extremely Low Cost

Marketing with large numbers- The Internet has between 60 to 90 million users now and is projected to grow to 1 billion users by the year 2010.

Worldwide Marketing

Small Companies and upstarts can compete with the “big dogs”.

Excellent for reaching specialized markets.

People looking for specific products/services can find you directly from search engines and niche directories.

The Internet is generally believed to be the least expensive and easiest way to distribute information. Virtually all of the Fortune 500 companies have web sites and small businesses nationwide are scrambling to get online.

1-Page ad in a national magazine, per issue, $5,800.00
1-minute TV spot airing locally for one week, $2,800.00
1 month of the Internet, (International Exposure), extremely less than the above.

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Netflix, Inc.

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